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Bonded Seals

The Bonded Seals was originally designed to interchange copper sort washers in aggressive systems. The Bonded Seals includes a metal washer and an elastomeric ring warranted within the diameter. The metal washer prevents over-compression and limits deformation of the elastomeric ring.

Bonded Seals - BS

Bonded Seals - BS Design
Material :
  • NT5/b with metal ring.
  • Spareage NT5/b is a Acrylonitrile Butadiene Compound (NBR) of shore 'A' hardness 85°.
  • (The standard material is NT5/b but fluro Rubber +200°C with stainless steel is also available on request).
    Max.Operating Conditions :
  • Temp : -30°C to 100°C (upto + 200°C on request).
  • Pressure : 1000 BAR
  • Compatibility :
  • Mineral oils, bio oils, water soluble & water glycol fluids.
  • Application :
  • General purpose seal.
  • High Pressure resistance applications.
  • Details : The Spareage style BS seal is a bonded seal combination of NBR seal ring and a metal back up ring. The NBR seal ring is bonded perfectly to the inner portion of the metal back up ring. When a bolt is tightened with BS seal, the NBR seal ring having a Trapezoidal Cross section gets compressed to an extent where the bolt cannot be further tightened due to the metal back up ring. Under such state, the NBR seal ring not only has a preload pressure on the mating surface higher than the pressure being sealed, but also forms the profile of a U'ring to withstand higher pressures. The BS seal can also be provided in high temperature resistant material on request.
    Fetaures :
  • High pressure resistance.
  • Metal back up.
  • Most suitable profile.
  • Standard diamensions.