Cast Iron Piston Rings

Cast Iron Piston Rings

When using cast iron piston rings, it is crucial to use the correct groove design for proper performance of the cylinder. Please use the following guidelines when cutting a cast iron piston ring groove.

GROOVE WIDTH: To permit the ring to slide freely into the groove, the groove must be at least 0.001" wider than the maximum piston ring width with a tolerance of +0.003"/-0.000".

GROOVE DEPTH: Grooves must be at least 0.015" deeper than the maximum radial wall thickness of the piston ring with a tolerance of +0.003"/-0.000". This is to avoid any possibility of the ring bottoming in the groove when the ring is compressed to its working diameter.

RADIAL CLEARANCE: The radial clearance between the cylinder bore and piston should be less than 1/3 of the radial wall thickness of the piston ring to ensure sealing effectiveness.

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